Make your Mark

Lipstick is everything

At MYX Blend Bar, we invite you to MYX IT UP! From subtle to sassy, your smile is your canvas. Your personalized MYXperience is all about your style and preferences.

We understand that lipstick is more than rouge, it’s a fashion statement, an expression and an invaluable asset that can transform your look with the swipe of a wand!

At MYX Blend Bar we refuse to allow you to be confined by the limitations of the cosmetic counter! We invite you to choose it, MYX it and truly MAKE IT YOURS!


Make Your Mark with MYX Blend Bar! With your own custom blend of lipstick. No matter what occasion, event, or life experience, MYX Blend Bar is here to create the perfect custom lipstick blend for anything life throws your way. Our MYXologist are ready to assist you in you MYXperience so lets get started! Its time for you to Choose It, MYX It and Make it Yours!

 Choose it!

Every blank canvas needs a little color! Your MYXperience starts by choosing one of our custom blend packages. Each package gives you the opportunity to custom blend a palette of perfect shades for your custom lipsticks. You’re not alone in this though, we’ll pair you with an experienced MYXologist who will guide you through your MYXperience step by step. Once you have created your perfect shade, it’s time to choose your lipstick base. Whether you want a long-lasting matte, sheer moisture, patent leather shine, or something in between, MYX Blend Bar has the perfect base for you.

 Myx it!

Now that you’ve created your perfect shade and picked your favorite base, it’s time to MYX it! By combining your chosen base and shade blend you can finally get to the icing on the cake; custom fragrances, SPF, added moisture, shine, vitamins and even plumper!

 Make it yours!

Once you’ve tested your custom creation and approved its awesomeness, your MYXologist will take it to our MYXology Lab where it will take the final steps to become your masterpiece! Choose from various lipstick mold shapes and even name your shade to truly make it yours!


Mobile Blend Bar

Throwing a birthday or bachelorette party? A baby or wedding shower? Girls night? Well, we have you covered! Meet Bex, our Mobile MYX maven! She’s available for private rental! That’s right, we’ll bring the MYX Blend Bar MYXperience right to your door!

MYX Mobile Rental Fee: $250 for 2 hours for up to 10 people $100 for each additional hour. An additional hour will be added per 4 guest added to the party Blend packages are purchased separately per guest.



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On a Good Day There’s Always Lipstick

On a bad there’s always lipstick – Audrey Hepburn. On a good day there’s always lipstick – MYX Blend Bar. Lipstick is everything! Your smile is your canvas, your universal hello, and your gift to the world. Every smile needs a little bit of color. MYX Blend Bar is...

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