In a world where you can get virtually anything customized, why wouldn’t you customize your lipstick? If you can customize your coffee mug, your socks, your phone case, your TV, your temporary tattoo, your not-so-temporary tattoo, then of course the most obvious thing would be to customize your lipstick.

Lipstick is powerful. It’s eye-catching. It’s mood changing. It’s show stopping. It’s sensual. It can pull your look together, and yet, it can tear your look apart. Lipstick should be your superhero, not your villain. Over the counter lipsticks don’t always flatter you the way a customized lipstick does.

At MYX Blend Bar, we know you hold the power. That’s why you don’t waste hours or money buying an endless array of lipstick shades that just aren’t your shade. You know customizing your lipstick is the only option.

We invite you to experience the MYXperience, which starts with custom blend packages that give you the opportunity to custom blend a palette of perfect shades, as well as, choose from an assortment of bases: long-lasting matte, sheer moisture, patent leather shine, or something in between. With a little MYXology, you will have your superhero in the palm of your hand.