Lipstick should be your superhero, not your villain. Sounds simple enough, but did you know that there is a science behind MYXing the perfect shade of lipstick? Often, you can fall victim to the wrong shade without even realizing it.



Meet Your Superhero Trio – Pigments, Stains, Toners.

  • Pigments are full-bodied colors that make the final product more opaque. They increase the color and help keep the lipstick from looking sheer.
  • Stains are what we like to call your very own “energizer bunny;” they are support colors that give your lipstick stamina. While they are longer lasting, they are thin and sheer; therefore, they should be combined with full-bodied pigments.
  • Toners are also pigments, but they work to tone or alter a color. Like a stain, they are sheer; yet when you add more toner to a formula, the undertone becomes more intense.

When MYXing this trio together, use them to work in your favor. Your complexion plays a crucial role in MYXing up that perfect shade of lipstick.

  • Olive SkinTones: nudes, oranges, red, pinks, and pretty much any color work because olive skin tones are considered a neutral skin tone.
  • Fair Skin Tones: deep pigments, bold reds, and vibrant colors are fun to play around with on fair skin tones because everything pops. Avoid pale pigments or anything with a yellow undertone because they will wash out fair skin tones.
  • Dark Skin Tones: reds, deep purples, and berries are the most flattering. Just like fair skin tones, dark skin tones should avoid anything pale.

Finally consider, not only, your complexion, but also, the shade of your teeth. If your teeth have a yellowish cast choose a toner with a blue undertone. Think about your elementary art class, blue and orange/yellow sit across from each other on the color wheel. Not only do they compliment each other, but they also work together to cancel each other out. Whether it’s red, light pink, or dark pink -berry undertones are your friend. Your Superhero aka the perfect lipstick is waiting to save the day, MYX IT UP today at MYX Blend Bar.