It should be a law that birthdays should be a big deal … a huge deal … a ginormous deal. It’s your day; therefore, it needs to be properly celebrated. No more “mediocre” birthdays. Do something fun, something out of the box, something that you wouldn’t normally do. Mix it up your next birthday celebration by MYXing up lipstick or lip gloss with your closest family and friends at MYX Blend Bar.

Some of our favorite events are birthday parties. We love celebrating a birthday, because the best thing about blowing your candles out with MYX is that everyone leaves feeling like they were celebrated too. And we are in the business of making others smile their best smile.

If you are interested in booking MYX Blend Bar mobil for your next birthday or celebration contact us. We come to you! Or if you have a late fall – early winter birthday. Contact us about having your party at our flagship location in West Village.